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Luiz Fernando Cruz

1976 - 1981 -  Kart preparation.  2 times overall winnder Taruma 100 mile race.  Brazilian Formula Ford.  Many race wins, 1 lap record.

1982 - 1987  -  Formula ford was the Townsend Thoresen Champion of Snetterton.  6 wins, 12 pole positions.

1983  -  Formula ford chassis, one off built called LFC-01.

1988  - Started working for Swift cars as chief designer and test driver.  Designed new rear end to fit the Hewland LD200 gearbox for F-Ford 1660 original american chassis.  European Formula Ford 1600 Championship winner, car driven by Richard Dean.  Scandinavian Formula Ford 1600 Championship winner car driven by Mika Salo.  New Zealand Formula Ford 1600 Champion.

1989  -  Designed new Swift Formula Renault car, updated Formula Ford 1600 and F-Ford 2000.  Pole position on F-Renault car debut in France driven by Michel Ligonnet.  Cars finished 2nd in British F-R Championship and 4th in French F-R Championship.  European F-Ford 2000 Championship winner.

1990  - Designed new Swift F-Ford 1600 car and updated Swift Formula Renault car.  Winning car of formula Ford Festical driven by Dave Coyne.  British Formula Renault Champion driven by Tommy Erdos.  Winning car of Australian Formula Ford Festical.

1991  -  Deisgned new Swift Formula Renault and Formula Ford cars and left Swift when factory fiinished operation at Snetterton base.  Went back home to Brazil.

1991  -  Moved to USA where started a computer business (CAD sysems).

1994  -  Worked as track engineer for Formula 3 and Formula Renault team in Mexico.  Mexican Formula Renault Championship winner.   Mexican formula 3 runner up.

1999 - 2006  -  Back home in Brazil, started MCR Sports car (2 litre class) design and construction.  Overll winner of Taruma 12 hour race on MCR debut, December 1999.  7 pole positions, 2 lap records and 2 wins.  Brazilian Sports Prototypes championship (Brascar).  Brazilian Endurance championship, 2 times pole position Taruma 12 hour race.  Taruma Summer Championship winner.

Clive Hayes

1972  -  Built first race car Mini cooper S.
Chief engine tuner/tester Gilbern Cars.
Throughout the years built numerous race cars and engines for self and customers.

1998 and 1999  -  Welsh sprint and Hillclimb Championship winner.

2000  Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship winner.

2001 - 2005  -  Raced in Radical Clubsport Championship, Welsh sports & Saloon Car Championship, Radical Pro-Sport Championship and some Brit Sports races.

2005  -  Built 400 bhp Hyabusa supa-charged race engine for Radical Prosport race car and shipped to New Zealand for customer.

2006  -  Bought first Brazilian MCR and raced in the Sports 2000 Championship.

2007  -  June  Started setting up MCR Race Cars Ltd in Wales.

2008  -  MCR factory ready, Luiz and Clive started work on redesigning the MCR, building chassis and making stock.