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Using the latest technology, the quality of manufacture of its components, everything under the skin, in the cockpit and even the GRP clothing that covers it, looks neat, oozes quality and has a robustness about it. 

The MCR is one of Brazils most successful and popular race cars with podium finishes in nearly every race it enters.

In 2007 work began on the the new factory in Wales and in 2008 the MCR was redesigned for the British, European and American markets by Brazilian designer Luiz Fernando Cruz and Welshman Clive Hayes.

The complete car is manufactured at the factory in Wales using the latest technology and high quality components. The MCR is built for speed, endurance and good looks, is very robust and easy to service and maintain. Various engines and transmissions can be fitted and the car can be adapted to comply with the regulations of a variety of championships.

Available as a complete car ready to race or in kit form at various stages of completion, the on-line shop makes it easy for you to find the components you are looking for, most parts ordered can be supplied next day delivery.

The MCR is also the ultimate track day and race school car.  If you don’t have the time to look after your own car you can hire an MCR and take advantage of the ‘Arrive and Drive’ package. The factory will also repair and service your car and machining work can be undertaken should you require something different.